Fire your text editor. Real-time page building and content editing,
all in the comfort of your browser.

Our Design, Your Creation Stunning templates with
unlimited layout possibilities.

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Build with blocks.

Each uniquely styled Variant template comes packed with customizable blocks. Just add your content.

Lightning fast layouts.

Your pages come to life instantly using Variant's intuitive layout builder. Add, remove and reorder blocks in real-time.

Your content in real time

Build your entire website without leaving the browser. Editing content with Variant is so effortless, it's fun!

Zero setup, no hassle

Start creating immediately on your local machine. No sign-ins or FTP required to get going. Variant runs natively in Chrome, Firefox & Safari.

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What makes Variant so awesome? Learn more about how Variant makes HTML template editing a snap.
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How does Variant work?

Variant assembles your page on the fly using pre-defined HTML blocks. As you are building your layout - Variant is working behind the scenes generating a standard HTML document that you save to a file to use in your site.

Can I work with multiple pages within Variant?

Yes. Variant allows you to load and save layouts including all edits and images. Navigation and footers are stored separately so you can apply the same nav and footers easily across multiple pages.

Can I still edit the HTML output?

Of course, Variant prepares a standard HTML document as output that you are free to tinker with as per any normal HTML template.

Is Variant a CMS?

No. Variant is a HTML generator, not a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla. This means that it does not populate the website with information from a database. However, you can return to previously saved pages and edit the content at any time.

Can I purchase Variant as a stand-alone app?

No. Variant is tailored to work with selected Medium Rare templates and comes included in the template download package.

I'm a designer, can I offer Variant to my customers?

Please contact us at for more information.

Awesome! This was much easier than assembling the
pages using code alone.

Elizabeth Atkinson via Facebook

You guys have made something truly unique here.
The builder looks slick and using it was a breeze!

Louise Duke via Dribbble